Diederick van Thiel

Besides being the CEO of AdviceGames, he is also a non-executive director on the board of IKANO bank and pursuing a PhD in Behavioural Science. This internationally recognised award-winning European visionary FinTech entrepreneur likes to run marathons on the side and has a family with four children.


Rosali Steenkamer

Organiser, representer, manager... the titles are endless when it comes to describing her multiple talents. She has an extensive experience in the field of marketing and finance. When she is not busy with work, she likes to cook delicious dinners and pamper her 2 cats.

Monica Perusquia Hernandez
Data scientist

Having done a professional doctorate in Engineering, she develops and validates strategies to use data to help people make better financial decisions. She has a desire to learn many things so her background is multidisciplinary. Ultimately she is keen to create technology that can be used as an extension of human body and mind.

Rob Dorscheidt
Business development executive

Being addicted to news, having an open eye for people, being interested in a lot of things; that’s him. Chairman of this, board member of that and a blogger for a well known platform on financial innovations. His focus is the consumer’s point of view. This passionate father of 3 (girl-boy-boy) loves to cook and to go to the museums.

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Got EQ? Cool!
Diederick van Thiel

'Cool! Profit through Experience Marketing' shows how experience brands such as Apple and Gucci won the hearts of the consumers. Why do the fans line up for hours to buy the latest products? Why are these brands being endlessly discussed online? Not even the most expensive ad campaigns can generate this sort of an impact. This book reveals the secrets behind experience marketing and offers entrepreneurs, managers and marketeers a clear path towards making their brands 'Cool!'

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Riding the waves 2020
John Goedee, Will Reijnders, Diederick van Thiel

As media drowns us with reports about the impending big changes for banks and other large financial institutions, 'Banking in 2020' gives a handy overview of the developments we can expect as globalisation, technological innovations and shifting consumer behaviour work to utterly transform the banking service industry. The book is inspiring for the professionals and as well for those interested in international banking trends.

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