Our machine learning platform powers super engaging customer experiences that enable consumers to play their future! Check out the video for AdviceGames in a nutshell.



By creating ultimate engaging digital experiences, we activate consumers for a long period of time to increase their family economy. We therefore apply machine learning driven gamification to enable people to play their financial future and to teach and support them in decisions that improve their personal finance. 

  • financial advice
  • employee engagement
  • gamified processes
  • intelligence agents
  • scientific engagement & motivational modelling


Finovate Europe 2015 had AdviceGames showcase its Risk Game to the world. Have a look at the presentation in the video, and read more about it here

Your benefits when working with us

Activated customers who learn to be financially healthy.


A higher NPS.

Reduced risk in your customers' base.


Insights in game behaviour and effect on your customer base.

Reduction of default cost.


Personalisation of your customer's services.